1.- Why DNA didactic?

Our view is clear: What if the future discoverer of the cure for cancer is already living among us? What if he/she is 5, 13 or 16 years old? What would happen if he or she did not devote his or her life to scientific research because in his/her Science class they had not studied the genome deeply or in an attractive and understandable way?

DNA Didactic starts as a result of our awareness of the present disparity between the lack of knowledge existing in our society about DNA and the quick advance in its scientific knowledge and its practical applications. DNA Didactic has been born with the purpose of offering a didactic and formative service to society. This is, therefore, our main objective.

2.- What is DNA Didactic?

DNA Didactic is essentially an educational schedule with a teaching purpose: to provide our clients with a deep and progressive knowledge about the DNA molecule as well as its potential applications.

DNA is the Molecule par excellence, the base of life and of biological heredity. From the time it was discovered and subsequent knowledge about it, biological sciences and their applications have started an incomparable revolution in the history of Science. We will not be able to understand the future without a deep knowledge of this patrimony which is common to all living beings.

3.- What does DNA Didactic offer?

In DNA Didactic we offer our own system of formation and scientific teaching for students and science lovers. It is developed with our own materials and through practical workshops and seminars (on-line and off-line) focusing mainly on the DNA molecule.

The original aspect of this system lies on the teaching materials we use. They are the result of a rigorous analysis of many generic didactic and specialised structures and have been developed and improved taking into account two essential features: simplicity and didactics. From our 3D models of DNA (patented, simple, cheap,didactic and easy to assemble) to the most specialised lectures and publications, all of our materials have been made by ourselves and have a common aim: the best understanding of the biological importance of this molecule at all levels.

4.- What do these materials consist of?

In addition to publications, lectures, news, seminars and workshops related to the current scientific situation of DNA, DNA Didactic offers, so far, models and didactic kits for two levels, each adapted to the previous knowledge of Biology and Chemistry that the target public can have: a basic model designed to learn without a great previous knowledge on this topic, and an advanced model for those who have a greater knowledge about it but who want to go even deeper on the subject.

> The basic model complements the Seconday Compulsory Education curriculum.

> The Advanced model complements the Post Compulsory Education curriculum.

5.- Do we currently offer any other type of service?

Moreover, in our web we offer up to date information about DNA, at the level of basic science, as well as about applications related to the latest advances on this subject. Some of them are open to all those who access to our web and some others have a restricted access for our clients.

For educational institutions we also offer other didactic resources as practical activities designed by us so that they can be used in teaching activities.

And for those institutions related to science and technology (museums, foundations etc) which have as an objective to develop the knowledge of DNA and/or its applications we offer the possibility of carrying out workshops, seminars or courses on request.

6.- What kind of public is DNA Didactic aimed at?

Our target public are individuals such as secondary students, teachers and any person with an interest in Science.
But also institutions such as high schools, museums, foundations and other kinds of formation centres.

7.- Are our DNA models unique?

Yes, they are unique. Our models are patented and the exclusive property of the firm DNA Didactic.

8.- What is the difference between our models and kits and other didactic models in the market?

There are several differences. Our models are more didactic,they remark more clearly the main features of DNA, even the dimensions ( they are done to scale); they are more simple to assemble: bend, stick and pile. They are also cheaper since they are made of hard card, printed and die-cast. They are colourful and elegant like the same natural structure of DNA (aurea proportion). They are complemented with a step-by-step didactic guide consisting of theoretical and practical exercises, illustrations, demonstrations etc with the purpose of making learning fun and dynamic.

9.- Who belong to DNA Didactic team?

DNA Didactic team is formed by univeristy graduates in Biology, Industrial Design, Advertising and Marketing. Some of them have worked or are working as teachers in secondary education schools in Spain. They are organised in several groups: the scientific team, the design team and the marketing team.

10.- Apart from the basic and the advanced models which DNA Didactic offers, are we going to prepare other materials or didactic models related to DNA?

Our Design team is working on other didactic materials and also new models. We are likely to sell them in the near future.